CK 305 is South Florida’s premier Commercial Kitchen and Incubator for food processing, cooking, baking and more. We are an all-around commissary hub.

How does the Kitchen Incubator work?

The kitchen incubator is a commercial kitchen’s specialized food startup businesses. We are an open share Kitchen where you can easily test your ideal recipes, bake your pastries, launch your catering business or produce and pack your food products. We offer a completely equipped, licensed and insured facility paired with a clean, cool and professional environment where you may start and run your dream venture until you have grown large enough to lease your own place.

How do I start my own food business?

Your food business starts with a Commercial Kitchen. Schedule an appointment with the kitchen to get help with planning and licensing your business. With your kitchen membership you receive your commissary license; which is your first step in obtaining your State food vending license.

How do I become member of the kitchen and what does it cost?

Call the Kitchen during office hours to schedule an appointment; or send an email. Although we would love to accept all requests for membership, we are subject to space and time limitation. Unfortunately, certain products or ventures may not be feasible for our location. For those who are accepted as members there is an annual membership fee. The membership agreement works also as your commissary licensing agreement.

Do I need any special permits to use your kitchen?

The kitchen is required by code that everyone using the kitchen be properly certified, therefore, a Food Safety Management Certificate is required for all owners and managers. A Food Safety Handler’s certificate is required for all other users. Certificates can also be obtained online.

Do I need a business tax or occupational license?

YES, you’ll need a business tax license from the city in which you conduct business if you are going to sell to a restaurant or retail store. That means you will need to get your business tax license from the City of Miami and from Miami-Dade County. You might need one to sell at Farmer’s Markets. Check the requirements of the markets. Sometimes you report your sales tax under the event’s license.

What is the kitchen’s insurance requirement?

The kitchen requires every artisan and/or company to carry a food and general liability policy for no less than $1 MIL per person. However, if you are looking to wholesale your food product to places like Whole Foods you will need a $2MIL per person minimum liability limited. Search online for Food Liability Insurance Programs for more information on coverage and costs. The kitchen requires that it be an additional insured on all policies before the kitchen may be used [in most cases is it not an additional costs to add additional insured].

How does a share kitchen work?

A share kitchen is as simple as a FedEx/Kinko’s store. You use the equipment you have booked while another artisan uses other equipment at another location in the kitchen. At any point you may be joined by another artisan just like you. A share kitchen allows for healthy and helpful networking among the artisans sharing information on suppliers, products, marketing, etc.

Is there a contract? If so, what kind of contract?

Yes we have a contract, or rather a membership agreement; which deals with your rights and responsibilities for using the kitchen . We do not have any lease or time commitment contracts. You only have the obligation of the hours you buy. You may leave the kitchen at any time. We open the kitchen to anyone for as long as you need it. We have no contract cancellation penalty of any kind.

How much does it cost to use the Kitchen?

The kitchen offers several rate programs depending on your need; private parties ,one time users (4 hours minimum), or kitchen membership packages. Please call during office hours to make an appointment or send us an email.

How do I pay for my hours?

Your hours are paid upon joining the kitchen. The kitchen and you keep records of the hours purchased [on bank] and the hours used. The hours will be deducted from either booked or used hours whichever is the greater. You are responsible for keeping track of your hours and renewing your hours prior to exhaust or expiration. You will not be able to use the kitchen without equitable hours on bank. We accept cash or checks only.

What happens if my hours exhaust or expire?

We are obligated by Code to make sure our licensees are using the kitchen to produce their product. As such you must use and maintain equitable hours on bank to use the kitchen. If you allow your hours to exhaust or expire the kitchen may suspend your membership; void the commissary license agreement; report your termination to the State.

When is the kitchen available and how do I book it?

The kitchen is available for work 24/7/365. You are only limited to the time scheduled. To book the kitchen you simply send us an email with the following 1. the date(s) and time, 2. equipment needed, 3. The amount of people in your team. If a member, remember to include your company name. If a One Time User, please include what it is you will be making; an appointment is also required. Once you booked it you will receive an email for the booking confirmation. Notice the booking is not confirmed until you have received your booking confirmation email.

What is the kitchen booking cancellation policy?

The kitchen is responsible to have the reserved equipment open for the artisan’s use upon arrival otherwise the kitchen is liable to the artisan. Under this premise the kitchen is therefore obligated to have a cancellation policy in place. All bookings are charged unless cancelled 10 days prior to the date of use. The kitchen, however, is open to book anytime even the same day if the schedule is available.

Do I require a deposit?

A deposit is required for all Artisans at the time that the kitchen is rented. If the kitchen is not left in suitable state after use, charges to clean and/maintain the kitchen will be taken out of deposit. We require having a credit card authorization on file. Deductions will be made against your deposit starting with a $50 penalty fee as well as for cleaning at $20 per hour minimum if area(s) and equipment(s) are not left to kitchen incubator standards. You will be charged for repairs for items that are broken (due to misuse) or missing during your scheduled time.

Is there help for learning how to run my business?

Some free counseling is available to help you get your business up and running. The kitchen also partners with other qualified firms covering all aspects of starting, running, and expanding your business for a fee.

Can my children help out in the Kitchen?

Children or minors younger than 18 are not allowed in the kitchen at any time. Your team or children 18 years and older may help out in the kitchen if they have a valid Food Handlers Card.

Is the Kitchen available for catering?

Yes, but it is limited to starting single operator’s companies and time available. The kitchen is also available to food producers who are making a product to sell to restaurants, on-line customers, retail stores, and special events.

Can I use my own equipment?

Probably, if it meets NFS code and we have room for it. Email us with your equipment request and specs and we will see how we can best help you.

What sort of space does the kitchen have?

The kitchen space is available on a private or shared basis. Such space varies in size from a few hundred square feet to over 1,000 square feet and varies in the amount of equipment. Our kitchen offers a shared space which consists of several food preparation tables at one side and a wide-range of equipment at the opposite side. More than one artisan entrepreneur works within the space. However, each one has their own designated table(s) during their working time at the kitchen.

What equipment does the kitchen have?

The kitchen has a wide-range of equipment; which includes double stack convection ovens, baker’s rotating oven, 2 commercial stoves with 6 burners each, braiser, flat griddle, charbroiler, 3 traditional ovens, proofer, commercial microwave, produce prep station, large stainless steel work tables, food processors, sausage maker and commercial mixers. Other equipment includes walk-in refrigerators.

What Storage Space does the kitchen have?

The kitchen storage space is limited to few cubic feet per artisan for permanent usage. The available storage space consists of a designated area where artisans are able to store small wares and food products on open stainless steel shelving inside their own locked containers.

Does the kitchen allow for private deliveries?

Since foods and related items are generally not delivered by suppliers to private home addresses, the kitchen may allow artisans to receive on-site private deliveries. It is the responsibility, however, of the artisan to procure and secure the deliveries. Furthermore, deliveries are permitted only up to the level of the kitchen space capacity.

What are the rules and regulations concerning cleaning?

The kitchen has a set of rules and regulations concerning cleaning that clearly states who is responsible for what. The artisan is responsible for cleaning all pots and pans as well as all visible particles and debris from the surfaces, floors, and equipment that he/she uses. The Artisan must throw away any generated trash. The Artisan is also responsible for returning any equipment to storage and for reporting any problems with equipment, as well as logging in and out of the kitchen every time.

Is there kitchen security?

In an effort to deter possible criminal activities, the kitchen has lighted parking and entrances as well as over 16 surveillance cameras, interior and exterior, to protect our Artisans. We are next to a fire station and the area is patrolled regularly.

What actions does the kitchen take to control pests and insects?

The kitchen is engaged on a long term partnership commitment with Krypton to handle all pest management and controls. They use only certified organic pesticide as well as organic pest prevention formula.


Our state-of-the-art kitchen is designed to be a one-stop shop for all of your culinary needs. Open 365 days a year with 24/7 controlled access.