Fill out the form below to get started! The kitchen is open 24/7/365 days a year. If we cannot book you on the time requested we’ll try our best to accommodate you based on our availability. All hours have an expiration date.


To Book the kitchen you must either be a one time user or a member. One time users pay the open source rate starting at $54.95 per hour plus tax. A minimal of 4 hours is required. Insurance may be required or additional premium may be pay to be covered during the usage of the kitchen. Other than deposit nothing else is required for one time users.


All kitchen fees must be paid and collected before using the kitchen. The kitchen is booked through an email booking request; which must include:


  1. Date(s) and time(s) required
  2. Number of days
  3. Equipment required (Include cooling required)
  4. Number of people
  5. Personal equipment brought to facility You are not booked unless you received a confirmation email indicating the same.


We do not anticipate any price changes this year. However, prices are subject to energy consumption and may change without notice.

For inquiries please contact Kefren Arjona


If you are a member of the kitchen you must be licensed by the State to exercise your business out of the kitchen. All food licenses obtained from and / or through the kitchen are a sublicense of the kitchen master license. All members must always be current in order to maintain their license current. Members must have:


  1. Their membership always current
  2. Their hours always current
  3. Their State license current
  4. Their liability insurance current
  5. Their food safety certification current


Members have the choice to either book the kitchen as you need it or book  a time slab permanently for your use.  Booking method is the same for everyone as depicted above.  The kitchen cannot warrantee the availability of time when attempting to book.  The kitchen is open 24/7/365 days a year.  If we cannot book you on the time requested we’ll try our best to accommodate you based on our availability. All hours have an expiration date.  At which time the hours must be renewed in order to continue associated with the kitchen.  Used hours will be deducted from the banked hours until you have used 90% of your available hours when we ask for renewing your hours accordingly.  Every hour is a billable hour.


CK 305 has a policy that notes that once a member schedules hours for use, he/she is responsible to pay for the hours and therefore they will be deducted from your banked hours. However, CK 305 also provides rules for a notice of cancellation that enables a member to cancel without penalty. CK 305 also has a termination of use policy that allows members to terminate any use agreement by providing an advance written notice of 30 days. Certain penalty may apply. We also have a set of rules and regulations concerning cleaning that clearly states who is responsible for what. Generally, the member is responsible for cleaning all visible particles and debris from the surfaces, floors, and equipment that he/she uses as well as throwing away any generated trash. The member is also responsible for returning any used equipment to storage and to report any problems with equipment. The complete rules and regulation is provided with your membership agreement for your records.


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